Messi Set to Debut New Cleats

Messi rumored to debut new cleats today!

Cristiano Ronaldo is no longer the only professional with a signature pair of cleats as the world's greatest footballer has also been rewarded with a bespoke pair of soccer cleats from adidas. Behold, the new adidas F50 adiZero Messi.  

When adidas announced a new Messi brand last year, rumors started floating around that the diminutive Argentine would be given a boot to rival Cristiano Ronaldo's Nike CR7 Vapor. That day has now arrived and adidas have not failed to live up to the lofty expectations.

In a unique and vibrant red and white colorway, adidas have conjured up a masterpiece for the master footballer. Unlike prior Messi 'exclusive' colorways, this shoe actually has a different design than the standard F50 adiZero with the split upper and the multi-tone design in the red half of the boot. One other difference is found on the soleplate with the very prominent and noticeable single red stud standing out among its ten white brothers. This is meant to symbolize Messi, the humble star, among his ten other teammates.

Aesthetics aside, there is also a slight change in regards to performance and materials used in the upper. While the Sprintskin upper on the standard models utilize adiLite Twin, Messi's version features a 1.5 millimeter think layer made from DUALMAX synthetic, a material that has a leather like finish, slightly similar to the most recent Nike Mercurial VIII releases. This change can be attributed to Lionel Messi's preference to play in leather boots.

The adidas F50 adiZero Messi does not stray completely from the tried and tested standard F50 as it uses the same Sprint Frame outsole which reduces weight and provides for excellent traction. The technology has undergone a series of upgrades meant to improve its durability, an issue many had with previous models of the boots.

Like the standard F50 models, the Messi signature shoe also is MiCoach compatible, allowing the world's best player to track his in game performance, consequently leading to improvement.

Andreas Konrads, Senior Product Manager, adidas Football said: “It was a big challenge but a very exciting honor. To have your own product line is almost like joining the ‘adidas Hall of Fame’ and it is an acknowledgment reserved for our best assets. Signature Ranges are designed to connect the athlete to the consumer and bring them closer together; and in this case with Leo, I believe we have achieved this. We’ll continue to work closely with Leo and develop more insights into his personality and playing style. Each time we meet up with him more creative sparks ignite and ideas come to life. We will continue to push boundaries to remain at the forefront, just like Leo.”

The adidas F50 adiZero Messi soccer shoe will also be special in that great additional extras will be provided on purchase, including a unique box that will make for a great collector's item.

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