What brand of gloves does Thibaut Courtois wear?

Real 980 Star key to Copa victory

As we watched Thibaut Courtois make amazing saves for Atlético de Madrid during the Copa del Rey Final that crowned them over Real Madrid this past Friday, we couldn’t help but notice he does not wear the same gloves as many other keepers. At first, it was hard to decipher the brand the young Chelsea loanee was wearing, so we had to dig deeper for the answer!

Our first clue was looking at his early days at Atlético Madrid, where we saw him sporting a pair of gloves with an easier logo to read: Real. A little bit more research pointed us towards the brand´s website, where Real Tec –the full name of this Belgian brand- finally listed the glove we saw the Belgium NT goalie wear during the Copa del Rey final: the Real 980 Star.

Along with Courtois, Real Tec sponsors other keepers in the Belgium Jupiler Pro League. Some names include Bojan Jorgačević of Club Brugge; youngster Colin Coosemans, playing for Waasland-Beveren on loan from Brugge and the U21 Belgian NT; and László Köteles of Genk.

This company has been sponsoring the Atlético de Madrid goalie since he his early days at Racing Genk, where he debuted at only 17 before capturing Chelsea´s attention. Now one of the hottest names in the world of fooball, the young Belgian keeper has stuck with this local brand on the big stage.

Today, once again, their sponsorship of Courtois has brought the Real Tec brand to the global spotlight. Now, we have to wait and see if this goalie prodigy will be persuaded by bigger brands as he progresses in his career, perhaps returning to Chelsea or succeeding Victor Valdés in Barcelona as some of the rumors suggest.